Three of the Best Mechatronics Courses to Get You Started

With just a 10-week course from the comfort of your home, you may start a rewarding career in mechatronics and receive an entry-level job.
Mechatronics is the term that refers to a broad area that covers the skill sets needed in the current, highly automated manufacturing sector. At the nexus of mechanics, electronics, and robotics, mechatronics experts create both simple and complex, intelligent systems.
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Continue reading as we discuss how you may enter this lucrative field with at least one simple option to help you begin making more than $60,000 annually with just a high school diploma and a quick 10-week certificate program.

A bachelor's degree in Mechatronics Engineering is a perfect choice if you are the kind of person who has always been very curious and enjoys fiddling with electrical or electronic gadgets, possibly even taking them apart and reassembling them.

You might not have heard of mechatronics engineering or mechatronics technicians or know exactly what they do for a livelihood as this is a relatively new profession that is growing in popularity. It's an exciting field with lots of job opportunities.

Mechatronics engineers improve operations by accelerating the speed at which tasks are done by developing intelligent systems. This essentially means that you contribute to the creation of better systems that function more successfully and yield better outcomes in all kinds of industries.

Mechatronics is a field that will see a lot of rapid future progress in automation and manufacturing.

However, the field of mechatronics itself has progressively developed over time from a variety of fields, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, and robotics. We will go into more detail on all of this below.

In this article, our ultimate focus is on three of the best mechatronics courses to help you get started in this lucrative field at different levels.

Are you thinking of entering the lucrative mechatronics sector?

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What Is Mechatronics Engineering?

As was previously noted, mechatronics evolved over time as mechanical engineers realized they needed to be knowledgeable in additional fields like electrical, software, and electronics to discover answers to problems that were cutting-edge in their respective sectors.

Understanding mechatronics can give you new opportunities and help you make an educated choice if you decide to pursue it as a career in the future. The field of mechatronics engineering is quite diverse, and you can even decide to specialize, which will impact the range and quantity of job prospects that are available to you.

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Why Should I Study Mechatronics?

Companies are looking for graduates with a diverse knowledge base in basic to advanced robotics. Employers believe that people with a diversified set of interests, knowledge and skills are more likely to succeed in mechatronics. 

The easiest way to get this knowledge is with education in mechatronics which will eventually put you in a stronger position to apply for a job.

Industries today have a significant demand for mechatronics graduates and researchers. This is because it is difficult to locate a product in the modern day that does not have an electronic, electrical, or mechanical component. Most products are a synthesis of different engineering components. Mechatronic engineers are best suited to deliver these solutions that combine different fields of engineering.

A mechatronic engineer is required for almost every company's product research, design, development, sales, production management, safety, and quality. As a result, graduates with a mechatronics degree can work in any industry and in a number of departments anywhere in the world.

For mechatronics graduates, however, the majority of mechatronic engineering employment is located in industries including robotics, nanotechnology, automation, aircraft engineering, oceanography, oil and gas, biomedical systems, transportation, and computer-aided design.

What Does a Mechatronics Engineer Do?

Mechatronics engineers are frequently engaged in sectors like manufacturing, oil & energy, aerospace, automotive, and aviation. They are in charge of a number of jobs and responsibilities, such as:

  • Locating areas of an organization where duties can be automated or integrated.
  • Making mechatronic equipment for either industrial or consumer applications.
  • Developing systems and controls that are computer-driven and intelligent for use in a business.
  • Testing equipment and procedures while they are in use.
  • Analyzing, modeling, and conducting feasibility studies for new mechatronic solutions.
  • Putting effective strategies into practice across their wider operation.
  • Identifying and resolving issues with current mechatronic systems and gadgets.
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Do Mechatronics Workers Get High Pay?

Yes, a career in mechatronics is rewarding and well-paid.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median annual wage for technologists and technicians in the electro-mechanical and mechatronics industries was $60,360 in May 2021.

Mechatronics technicians in the top 10% of incomes earned more than $98,070, while those in the worst 10% made less than $37,650.

Three Courses To Get You Started

Here are three courses of varying levels of commitment for you to start a career in mechatronics. 

The first option is a degree that requires a four year commitment, the second option is an associate’s program that you can do in two years, and finally, the easiest and quickest option is a short online certificate course that can get you a job in five weeks!

1. Mechatronics for Equipment Maintenance Level II - Virtual Lab

Course offered at Unmudl Original

Type of Course: Online - On-Demand Course

Duration of Course: Completed in 40 hours @ 8 hours/week for 5 week

Cost: $719.00 Total price (excluding tax)

This course is recommended because it was designed to be affordable, offered with the convenience of online training and can be completed in just a few weeks! By finishing this 5–12 week course (you can pace it at your comfort) from the convenience of your home, you can become a mechatronics technician.

It has never been easier to create robotic gadgets and computer-controlled machines. The convergence of low-cost embedded CPUs, sensors, and actuators has made experimentation and prototyping easier than ever.

The modules will cover control systems, sensor interfaces, embedded system programming, and microcontroller concepts. Students will receive practical experience building their own mechatronic systems and gain a better knowledge of basic mechatronics engineering concepts through a series of hands-on labs.

Students who successfully complete the course will be equipped with the core knowledge necessary to benefit from the mechatronics revolution.

2. Associate’s Degree in Mechatronics Technology, MTC

Course offered at Midlands Technical College

Type of Course: On Campus (Some courses may be taken online)

Duration of Course: 2 years (60 credit hours)

Cost: $11,280 (Estimates vary, for a current estimate, contact the university)

The two-year associate degree program in Mechatronics Technology at MTC equips graduates to operate in highly automated production settings. 

The course covers hydraulics, pneumatics, programmable logic controllers (PLC), industrial electrical and electronics, mechanical components, and an introduction to process control. It also covers hydraulics and pneumatics. 

Students will be able to work part-time while completing the program and developing multi-craft abilities that will help them land wonderful jobs and succeed in their careers.

With this associate’s degree, mechatronics specialists use their understanding of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems to fix technical issues and maintain automated machinery. 

They collaborate with scientists and engineers and frequently help with the production's research and development activities. A number of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and aerospace, require technicians.

3. BS Mechatronics Engineering, California State University

Course offered at California State University - Channel Islands

Type of Course: On Campus

Duration of Course: 4 years (30 units per year/ 120 semester units)

Cost: $25,814 per year (for a current estimate, contact the university)

With this bachelor’s degree in mechatronics, you'll be able to work efficiently in all fields related to robotics, automated manufacturing, and the creation of mechanical systems with built-in intelligence.

Key advantages of this program are:

  • A small group of 24 pupils
  • CSUCI's prominent location in the developing "101 Tech Corridor," which is home to industry titans in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and biopharmaceuticals
  • Chances for practical learning in the classroom and during internships
  • Practical research skills using cutting-edge tools

In addition to the Naval bases at Point Mugu and Port Hueneme, Lockheed, Rocketdyne, and other businesses in the greater Los Angeles region, the campus is strategically situated around businesses like Amgen, Haas, Teledyne Technologies, HRL Laboratories, and many others. 

As a result, the local economy and community have a strong demand for engineers.

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Do You Really Need a University Degree to Get Into Mechatronics?

Due to the fact that some knowledge and skills are more crucial for certain jobs than those you obtain in a 4-year bachelor's degree, you can be qualified for employment with just a 5-week certificate in mechatronics.

These skills, like collaborating in teams, being able to observe and speak with complicated human and mechanical systems, and being able to think creatively and differently to find fresh approaches to efficiency-related issues don’t require four years in a university. 

In fact, all of these talents and abilities can have their foundations laid in a brief course. But more on this later.

Of course, you can always choose to raise your income if you choose to pursue a bachelor's or master's degree as your profession advances.

Before delving further into the finest online school for mechatronics, let's quickly explore what this field entails in order to dispel many common misconceptions.

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What Are the Benefits of Earning a Mechatronics Degree Online?

Many students now choose to complete their degree programs online. There are many reasons why someone would choose online education, but the following two are crucial:

1. You can complete your education at your own pace:

You can monitor your personal learning progress and study whenever it's most convenient for you because you have access to all of the online learning tools at once. It doesn't matter if you do it in the morning before work or at night after all of your errands have been completed, whatever suits you the most.

Remember that you must submit all of your assignments by the due date for the majority of courses.

2. You can learn from any location:

If you’re living in Texas, for example, you might be interested in learning whether you can register for online mechatronics courses. The ability to learn from any location is one of the numerous benefits of online education.

You can move around and be wherever you need to be while learning online. If you have internet connectivity, you can go to all of your classes. Online learning helps you continue learning while on the go, regardless of whether your career demands travel or you have to move for any other reason.

You should also have a look at this excellent guide on joining community college online. It focuses on the benefits and drawbacks of online learning.

What Careers Are There in Mechatronics?

Even high paying project management positions can be attained with a degree in mechatronics. Mechatronics technicians are frequently employed in laboratories, processing facilities, and engineering design offices.

Mechatronics experts are needed in telecommunications, computer science, automobile engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, consumer goods, and packaging.

The following job titles are some typical examples of mechatronic specialists:

Automotive Engineer

The development and enhancement of vehicles, such as cars, vans, buses, lorries, and motorbikes, is the focus of an automotive engineer. As an automotive engineer, you can utilize your mechatronics engineering expertise to develop the mechanisms and systems of automobiles. 

Along with overseeing the production of automobiles, automotive engineers also attempt to resolve issues with current vehicle systems.

Project Engineer

A project engineer is in charge of a team of engineers as they plan and build a mechanical or technical engineering project. Project engineers frequently collaborate with teams and stakeholders as well as other parties involved in the project. Throughout the course of an engineering project, they are directly in charge of planning, budgeting, and project employees.

Systems Engineer

The development and maintenance of systems and process efficiency is essentially the responsibility of systems engineers. They might work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, product development, and software. The objective of a systems engineer is to construct systems that can generate goods from beginning to end with little or no human involvement.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is a professional who creates, designs and builds computer software using the concepts of software engineering. This engineer frequently creates network control systems, corporate applications, middleware, and video and computer games. 

By creating, implementing, and managing computer programs and applications for organizations, a software engineer might also serve as an applications engineer. Software developers, computer programmers, and computer scientists are other names for software engineers.

Instrumentation Engineer

A manufacturing environment's machinery and control systems are designed, installed, and maintained by instrumentation engineers. They may also direct and coordinate teams that are in charge of maintaining already developed and installed control systems. 

Typical items that an instrumentation engineer might create include machine sensors, smoke detectors, and blood glucose meters. A wide range of businesses, such as biomedical companies, defense contractors, governmental organizations, and private engineering firms, may hire this type of engineer.

Final Conclusion

The field of mechatronics has a bright future. You might put yourself in a good position for rewarding employment at the cutting edge of technological innovation with a degree in mechatronics engineering. 

These degrees provide the perfect balancing act of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, and computer systems curriculum that can further your career.

Mechatronics is a lucrative field to work in. As previously indicated, the median mechatronics salary for technicians is $60,360. Yet, there is no reason why you cannot make the top-end average income of $98,070 if you are prepared to put in the required effort and demonstrate the required potential.

We also discussed what mechatronics is, how important it is, how to get started with it, and its advantages. We also covered how to get an online degree so you can start working in the industry.

We really hope that this information was helpful to you in making a career decision. All of us at Unmudl wish you the very best for a successful future.

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