Building a Team with STRENGTHS

Build a team. Build your leadership skills.
Why strength-based leadership is so important.
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Here’s a tip: when working on a team (be it in a group project or for some collaborative assignment at work) always recognize the strengths of yourself and your team members.

There’s no way for a team to be successful when the members are all alike. Plain and simple. A good team is both diverse in leadership strengths and ideas.

Teams reach decisions through debate and analysis (nothing personal - keep the focus on the IDEA not on the person).

Here’s a litmus test to see if your team is effective:

1. Is your team composed of people who think differently than you?

2. When your idea is not the group consensus, do you rally behind the chosen idea?

3. Do you focus on healthy debates over ideas and not attack other team members?

4. Do you boost your fellow team members’ strengths and NOT focus on their weaknesses?

If you said yes to the above questions, chances are your team is GREAT.

If you said no, re-evaluate the team members and the team performance. By focusing on STRENGTHS instead of weaknesses, teams can cultivate engaged members and achieve more than they ever dreamed of.

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